Look and Listen - Children's book

Look and Listen Children's Book

About this product

'Look and Listen' is a beautifully illustrated book for children to share with their grownups; a book that invites them to listen to the birds and learn how to identify them. I am so excited the book has finally arrived and I hope you enjoy it. 

Louise and I have been friends since the age of 12 and after losing touch after school, our lives have been entwined since Louise moved back to Shropshire 5 years ago. As best friends we have spent the last 5 years dreaming about how we can collaborate with each other on a project - me the artist, and Louise the writer. Lockdown gave me the time and space to devise a concept and illustrate a book and, together with her 9 year old daughter Georgia, Louise wrote the words for our book, Look and Listen. 

Illustrated and designed by Meg Hawkins
Written by Louise Welsby