Speaking on the radio…it’s not that bad, honest!

Whilst checking my emails on a chilly morning back at the beginning of the year, one caught my eye. It was from BBC Radio Shropshire asking whether I would like to go in for an interview with Jim Hawkins on the breakfast show.


My initial reaction was that it was a great opportunity and I was thrilled that they had invited me BUT…could I do this? Public speaking live is not something that I am confident doing. I was straight away imagining that I might say the wrong thing on radio or worse, that they might have to use the BLEEP a few times! However, I plucked up a bit of courage and responded that I would love to do an interview.


The day came, Monday 4 March 2019. I headed over to Shrewsbury to the BBC Radio Shropshire offices and sat nervously in the waiting area. Before long a staff member came into the room: “Meg, would you like to come through?”, so in I went.


The experience was not that bad at all (actually, I really enjoyed it!) and I learnt a lot from it. Every now and again, something happens on this journey that I am on with my business that gives me a moment of clarity on how far we have come. This interview was one of those moments. It all began with a couple of drawings that I turned into a collection of children’s books and I now have a shopping centre store full of my work, plus wonderful stockists all over the UK.


Thank you to Jim and the BBC Radio Shropshire gang for having me and I hope to be back in the future with more stories of Meg Hawkins Art!

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