Fox design by Meg Hawkins for writer in residence Lisa Blower.

In February this year I had the opportunity to meet a wonderful award winning short story writer and novelist Lisa Blower. Lisa will be taking up the post of Writer in Residence at Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery.

When I met with Lisa she said; "I was wondering if you would at all be interested in a potential collaboration? What I would be requesting is an illustration of a fox."

Lisa wanted to use this illustration on her marketing materials as the primary image synonymous with this residency, She was really keen to make the most of this residency because it's the first ever residency for the museum and she wants to do all she can to promote Shropshire's artistic and literary communities, and I was the lucky person to join forces with her.

From March 14th - June 12th 2016. She will be drawing inspiration from the forthcoming Mary Webb exhibition (celebrating the centenary of The Golden Arrow) and writing a contemporary reimagining of ‘Gone to Earth’ being both Lisa’s and Mary Webb's second novel. During the residency duration, She will be involved in various public engagements, hosting a number of talks, courses, and a book club alongside writing live at the museum 2 days a week on the Gallery.

Lisa Blower's residency will be 'officially' launching on Saturday March 19th at 2pm where she will be in conversation with Gladys Mary Coles, president of the Mary Webb Society, and will be talking all things Gone to Earth. You can spend an hour in the esteemed company of Mary Webb's fabulous biographer!

Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery 2pm-3pm 19.03.16 This is a free event.

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