Fingerprint Guests books By Meg Hawkins Illustrations

Spring has sprung: Out with the old in with the new!

A question I get asked a lot is, ‘what are "fingerprint guest books"?’ So thought I would attempt to explain.

They are the new modern way of having a guest book for any occasion; we have customized some of our new and funky designs specifically for this. So instead of having the boring old guest book sat on its own at the front of the function room with no-one writing in it… this is a fun way of saying you’ve been at this wonderful occasion and stamped your place!

It’s simple really .

You choose the design (whether it be wedding, christening or 40th birthday), you get the picture and there will be a set of ink colours dependant on the colour scheme of the function.

You place you finger on the ink pad and place your mark on the illustration next to your impression, adding a comment or initial or your name to say “hello” and thanks for having me !

This then creates a wonderful piece of unique art that can sit on the wall in lasting memory of the event (instead of being stashed away under the bed or in cupboard for all of eternity).

Hopefully this explains all about fingerprint guestbooks. My designs are unique to MHI and can be personalized for your day, or you can buy them for someone else as a unique and amazing gift!

Stand out for the norm and give something different!




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