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When exciting things happen- you just need to share it with the world!

A few weeks ago we attended the International Spring Fair at the NEC Birmingham. We had a stand in Hall 5 hosted by  Buy-From Shropshire and the Giftware Association.

We were extremely excited to be at Spring Fair so we shouted about it across social media! The power of these platforms is incredible and from one short, simple tweet, sparked a very exciting conversation with Tom! He invited me to visit his stand and explained he had an exciting opportunity he wanted to discuss. 

So I did just that....

Who’s Tom I hear your ask?! Tom is the owner of Tinar Art, a fantastic Fairtrade business who are interested in using my images on the amazing fair-trade bowls, coasters, and possibly other products in the future. 

I try my best to work with with a similar ethos-  using recycled and environmentally friendly products. All of my cards and prints are printed on FCS card, so when the recycled element of Tinar Art was introduced, I was very excited to be part of it. 

Soon my art will be on products that are cast, then rough polished and enamelled before being beautifully finished with a smooth polish.  Every one of these items is individually made to the very highest quality with a hand finished with MHA design on the enamel inside.

Tilnar Art Re-Used/Recycled Products

Artists under the shade

"We also try and source a large part of our range from recycled, natural or re-used materials to be as environmentally positive as possible. This can be seen in our ranges of Recycled Metal Sculptures, Recycled Tin Animals, Recycled Bottle Tops, Leather Animals (made from natural materials) Recycled Vinyl Records and Car Number Plate Handbags.  We also encourage suppliers to source raw materials locally, to use natural substances and to use recycled packaging wherever possible."

We are delighted to be working with Tilnar Art and can't wait to see our products on the shelves.

Keep an eye out for the Meg Hawkins Collection with Tilnar Art! And what great timing with it being Fairtrade Week! 


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