Meg Hawkins is a passionate, multi-faceted artist who lives in the rolling hills of Shropshire. Her life is her art, and of course, her husband and four children. When she’s not busy with them she works full-time as a Artist now, after 16 years as a photographer she decided to go back to her love of art and make a career of it, operating out of her studio in the beautiful Shropshire village of Burwarton.  Meg finds solace with headphones on and brush in hand, the perfect combo!

Her preferred mediums are pencil, pastel and watercolour; watercolour being the optimum method of choice:

“I love the implosions of colours when mixed and infused together when I  paint with watercolours. They seem to blend together, giving an almost natural form.”

Before pursuing her childhood passion of photography as a career, Meg studied art and sculpture in college, before moving onto interior design. But a truly creative soul cannot be boxed, and Meg soon found her way back into lucrative work exploiting her natural gifts with light, colour and mood.

Her work is influenced by her friends, family and day-to-day life, while she draws on inspiration from other artists, she prides herself on keeping her own works original and true. Undistracted by trends, her style is recognizable.

“I would be lying if my inspiration didn’t influence much of my work allowing the free flow and natural movement to evolve.”

Not quite content with the just brush, pencil and lens, Meg has recently expanded her horizons illustrated and penned the tales for a series of nine children’s books, influenced again by her family life, her idyllic country surroundings and her wild artist’s mind.  Her personal projects, particularly in photography, have been said to ‘inspire a narrative’ by critics, so storytelling in a literal form can only be natural progression for Meg.