Meg’s recent work has been licensed for surface pattern, print and design, showcasing on a range of gift wrap, kitchenware and homeware.

Meg works from her stunning rural studio in the Shropshire Hills, from where she sells all over the world. Her unique style reflects the movement and energy of the subjects she paints. By blending colour and method, Meg has become known and loved for her emotive and joyous range of work.

The relationship with her customers has developed through the characterisation of each design, a popular process Meg brilliantly exploits on social media.

Meg’s work is designed to bring life and happiness to any home. She has a desire to create beautiful pieces that can be used and enjoyed every day.

Having studied Art and Sculpture at college before furthering her education in Interior Design and Photography, Meg went on to marry and has 4 children. After 16 years as a professional photographer, and with her family growing up fast, Meg took up her passion for art again and 4 years ago established Meg Hawkins Artist. Her brand has continued to grow with Meg's beautiful work adorning homes all over the world.