Original and Unique Painted Portraits

These hand painted original watercolours will be designed especially for you, you will get a sketch first as a proof then Meg create the watercolour original on A3 paper.

This amazing idea, will give the person you love something totally unique and special.

It could be a 60th birthday? Christmas present? for you best friend! you won't find this anywhere else as they are hand painted and designed by Meg just for you.

Meg creates family portraits for you in her own style. All you need to do is send me some photos of everyone you'd like in the portrait tell her a little bit about them,just things like favourite colours or whether they are little 'tom boys' or a 'fairy princess!'. 

Also as we print in-house we can create duplicates for you friends and family too, on cards, mugs and as prints. 

Interested? please get in touch...info@mhidesign.co.uk

Please take note of the options, you can add animals in your portrait, also if you'd like it framed (framed paintings are collection only)