Painted portrait - 5 people

Painted portrait - 5 people


Family of 5 Personalised Portrait: 

What you get: 

1 Original A3 unmounted and unframed painting by Meg Hawkins (Prints can also be made upon request) 

How it works:

You send us photos of your family, as many or as little as you like, and also a bit of information about them - Do they like football? Do they always wear red shoes? What is there favourite colour? Anything that you feel is vital to represent that person. 

How the pricing works: 

Base price for a family of 5 £85

Add an animal: + £5 (Per Animal) 

Specific Background: + £10 

Framing: + £45 

Please note: We can only frame your painting if you are able to collect from our studio in Burwarton.